I am genuinely scared.

I have a friend/person/guy friend thing. Note how I added / marks because I am unaware of my relationship or connection with him. When I first got to know him, he seemed pretty funny, but within that day, something didn’t seem totally right. Like, his ‘happy image’ was only temporary until I really got to know him. Now, he sounds depressed, not depressed as in ‘teenage depressed’ but like, legit depressed. Do these notes sound right to you?

Stop it brain. Shut up now. Time to sleep and no more wisdom. I get it,lonely thursday so shut up and go to sleep now; forget everything,reset the mind and wake up as if nothing happened. The End. #FridayMorningsBeLike

Sometimes I wonder..why do people go for the other when they know that they will be ignored in the end? Well,there is something about hope within those people. The Hope that one day, they will and can have a chance to be of value to the other. But until that day when they’ve hoped and waited enough, they won’t give up and they will continue to pursue for the interest of others.#GoodMornight

In life,sometimes we just need to hear from someone that they are there for us and assure us that they like us for who we are..

"Don’t worry,I’m here for You. I like you for who you are and I accept everything about you." #LonelyThursday #HugotPaMore

Every night, when you look outside the window and watch the city lights..have you ever questioned and reflected: “What is wrong with the World”?#FoodForThought

When you can’t say anything about what’s going on and you just wanna..*sigh* at everything that happens in life
  • He broke up with his MU/OL Girlfriend a year and a half ago. He still has (and still wears) the necklace she gave to him. 
  • He randomly started inviting himself over to my place, not allowing me to get the place to myself
  • Whole class (we call it block) does not acknowledge him in class, received words such as ‘gago’ (asshole) and that he should die on the GROUP PAGE ON HIS FACEBOOK! Quite obvious but nonetheless… 
  • Frequency to throw his phone or any nearby object and throw at a close-range distance.
  • Random bursts of anger/sadness
  • Inability to cry for the past 1 1/2 years

Please help me guys. I want to be able to help him but I don’t know where to start!!

If it was meant to last, it would have.
― Red (Orange Is The New Black)

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considering of sending another postsecret

I still find it lovely, how you can send something so dark to a stranger

and he won’t even judge you

its beautiful to know that a person like that exists

… but i wonder if he has burdens about hearing our problems.