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When I write,
I write.
When I type, I type.
When I speak, I speak.

☀ lasallian

I wish that I could spend time with my friends rather than my boyfriend sometimes.

It sucks feeling restrained. 

It’s not that I’m going to fuck another guy.

Or don’t feel committed.

I just want to be able to breathe.

They say you should never use any form of social media as an outlet to vent out your feelings to, but what I want to say, I cannot say to anyone I personally know. Yes, there are other contributions in how my not one, not two, but three dogs died was (majority of the time) the sheer fact that my Uncle could not give two fucks into taking care of them. When my mum placed them in his care, I expected fucking care. When I received a phone call in the middle of the day to find out that all three of them basically starved to death, I was outraged. You know why? This shit happened before. To my dog, my sweet sweet dog. Why? Kennel Sids, and the fact that he too, was starved to death. Please God, forgive me if I’m saying your holy name in vain, but please give me a good reason, one legitimate reason as to why I should care for him in the future when he couldn’t even take care of my own dogs. 

And for those who said I should be taking care of them, I am in a totally different region and I was told that they would be safe in his care because he has a dog of his own and his dog is just fine.

Which is true since he basically feeds her and walks her around the house, but when it comes to my dogs, noooo they should be kept behind little bars or in their little “homes” as he would like to call them (aka cages).




when your friend has an inside joke you do not get


deadlycigarettes said: That's great that you got it !! I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay because I hadn't gotten a response ! (: -Yesenia

So sorry ! Postage is getting expensive around here but don’t worry I’m sending like a whole lot of them soon ~ sorry its not like fancy schmancy either


I’m sure this means something, but don’t ask me what.


I’m sure this means something, but don’t ask me what.

snugglecolfer said: Hiya, don't suppose you're still looking for a penpal?

always open to new pen pals but I can’t send the first letter anymore since I’m running out of cash lol

teacatsbooksalways said: Hey! I saw your ad and are you still looking for a pen pal, because we look for the same stuff in pen pals and you sound like a great person. :)

thank you! that’s really sweet of you :) 

i don’t suppose if you don’t mind sending the first letter? x

ashamed-2b-me said: did you ever send a letter? i can't remember /.\

I can’t quite remember myself ;_;

deadlycigarettes said: hey! This is Yesenia, your pen pal and I was wondering if you ever got my letter ? it's been a while since I've heard from you (:


basically me and my boyfriend